About This Site

Jekyll, S3 and Cloudfront

A few technical details about this site.

Front End

  • A couple of fonts are included from Typekit. and a few Fontawesome icons are used as well.
  • Disqus for comments, as below.
  • Repsonsive by way of a single @media query to change the position of the content relative to its title.
  • At the moment, no HTML5 tags other than the DOCTYPE. It's on the todo list. HTML is also a bit too complicated as in a previous version there was some over-complicated Javascript to show all posts on a single page


  • Uses LESS for more consistent CSS and easier writing.
  • Generated by Jekyll as static files.
  • Assets are concatanated, minified, and md5s added to filenames, to allow far-future expires / age headers on assets, by Jekyll Assets.


Version Control


Running a simple test from LoadImpact, from Singapore, shows:

  • The first loads are quite slow, at 2 seconds. I assume the local CloudFront location is empty.
  • The later requests hover at 20ms. Not too shabby.